Video: Karin Fong on Titles

6 Aug 2009 Posted by Jonathan Wells in Design, Events

Flux Screening Series at the Hammer: Forget the Film, Watch the Titles!

The evening before Terminator Salvation hit theaters, designer Karin Fong revealed the opening titles she designed for the film. As sometimes happens the titles were better than the film itself. The reveal was part of a celebration of five of the world’s top title designers for the May edition of the Flux Screening Series at the Hammer Museum.

Our friends at Amsterdam-based SubmarineChannel helped co-present the evening. Remco Vlaanderen, the editor of Submarine’s Forget the Film, Watch the Titles site interviewed each of the designers that night and has been steadily posting the results.

Here Imaginary Forces creative director (and Flux blogger) Karin Fong shares the inspiration for both Terminator Salvation, her Pink Panther titles as well as some of her all time favorites.

The interview with Jaime Caliri was the first to be posted. Soon to come Garson Yu, Danny Yount and Kyle Cooper. Don’t keep us waiting too long Remco.

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