TED 2018, Vancouver

10 Dec 2017 Posted by Jonathan Wells in Events Calendar

ted2017.jpgFilmmaker Chris Milk presents his work at TED 2015

It looks to us as if it’s time to collectively breathe deep and prepare for a remarkable new era as politics, globalization, technology, the future of work, and what it even means to be human are all reinvented before our eyes. Forget fake news! We want to offer up the real news. TED2018 will tap into the resources of an expanded curatorial group and go all-out to bring you visibility into the key developments driving this future, from jaw-dropping AI to glorious new forms of creativity to courageous advocates of radical social change.

Flux is proud to curate short films in between speaker presentations at the TED Conference.

TED 2018: The Age of Amazement
April 10-14, 2018
Vancouver, BC, Canada

For more information visit the TED 2018 site

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