Press Play: The return of YouTube music video maestro Kutiman

12 Sep 2014 Posted by Jonathan Wells in Music, Music Video

Kutiman, the acclaimed Israeli musician, composer and video sampling genius, is back with a brand new online music video album. “Give it Up” (above), is the first single from Thru You Too, the long awaited follow up to Thru You which was released five years ago.

Our first exposure to Kutiman’s work was his brilliant Mother of All Funk Chords. Uploaded in March 2009, the video now has 1.6 million views. This is an important work in the pantheon of video sampling and we included it in the Video Sampling section of our music exhibition Spectacle: The Music Video alongside works from EBN and Hexstatic.

In what must be a painstaking process Kutiman weaves together new musical compositions from unrelated, amateur YouTube clips. The sources ranging from a cappella videos and solo instrument performances are all credited below each Kutiman creation. His virtual band for his latest track is made up of 23 different performers. The results are stunning and even better than his earlier work.

Enjoy “Give It Up” now and look for the full Thru You Too experience here on October 1st.

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