Flux Super 8: Terri Timely

13 Aug 2009 Posted by Jonathan Wells in Flux Super 8, Interviews, Art, Film

terry_timely_portrait.jpg“Umm Honey what are those men doing on our front lawn?”

Terri Timely is a San Francisco-based duo made up of Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey. They craft extraordinary films, commercials and music videos amplifying images and scenes from every day life. Kibbey and Creasey have developed their immersive portraits of hyper-reality for bands including Modest Mouse, Joanna Newsom, Midlake and Bobby Birdman.

Who or what inspires you?
COREY: A little bit of everything. Ian reads a lot more than I do. I like Dungeons and Dragons and that type of thing. Both of us love music but can’t play any instruments so we have found that making films that are centered around music can scratch that itch. Other directors definitely: inspire / make us jealous / excited / depressed.

Describe your collaborative process? How do you handle conflicting opinions?
COREY: Sometimes one of us will come up with an initial idea and then we separately develop it apart from each other and then meet back up and see what resonates with both of us. At times it can be hard to let go and be open minded but generally if it’s truly a good idea it will survive and be better for having been worked out between the two of us.

We also come to the process with slightly different approaches and strengths to film making. Ian is super quick witted and generally more clever with language than I am. He works better in quick bursts and likes talking through the idea, like a verbal cheetah. I’m more like a quiet imaginative koala. I need time to really sit with an idea and lots of sleep. I tend to lean toward the visual aspect of storytelling.

I think together we form some sort of super animal that might have escaped from that awful Val Kilmer movie The Island of Dr. Moreau.

For the Flux Super 8 show Terri Timely have developed an interactive exhibit out of their acclaimed short film Synesthesia

What unites you both?
COREY: While we have different strengths, I think our taste for most things is pretty similar. We generally agree if something is “good” or “Hella good”. We also both have an appreciation of the absurd and the weird little details of life. I think this absurdist bent shows up in both the visual ideas and in the writing of our films. We also have a studio space in Newark, California (it’s just like it sounds) and we build a lot of our sets there and we always listen to the 107.7 The Bone (classic and hard rock) and I think this also brings us a little closer.

Where do you guys differ most, artistically?

COREY: I have a soft spot for science fiction and fantasy. I was a “fan boy” before it was cool to be one. Ian only mocks my love for all things that involve dice or Boba Fett. Ian likes a lot of terrible movies that I don’t care to mention. Like After Hours by Martin Scorsese.

synesthesia_still_1.pngImagine a world where the produce section was a veritable record store of sounds. Experience Synesthesia at the Flux Super 8 exhibition.

Recent event that made you laugh?
IAN: Recently we were location scouting and we went to talk to this old woman who owned the property. While exchanging contact info I noticed a small revolver on her desk in a holster. The handle was covered in tape like the gun that Michael Corleone pulled out from behind the toilet in the Godfather. As I recall Clemenza had covered the handle with tape to obscure Michael’s fingerprints, I was worried that this woman’s obvious intention to kill us both would go unnoticed. Luckily I was able to take several pictures of the gun with my phone while pretending to punch in her phone number. Back in the car, I showed Corey the evidence on my phone. All you could see was a black lump on the desk. He told me that they both had seen me taking pictures of that broken gun on her desk and she seemed annoyed that I didn’t type in her phone number.

What music excites you now?
IAN: Corey and I like Grizzly Bear’s new album a lot.

Terri Timely’s video for St. Vincent “Actor Out Of Work”

What (new projects) are you working on now?
IAN: We have a couple things brewing right now. We are getting ready to do another music video for St. Vincent. We had a great experience working with Annie last spring so we were really excited to do more work with her. The idea is something fun too.

Dream project?
IAN: At this point it would definitely be fun to work on something longer. It’s always so hard to get acclimated to grueling 14-16 hour shoot days. By the third or fourth day, just as production is about to wrap, you start to get into a rhythm. Then it feels like the party is over and everyone went home.

Experience Terri Timely’s Synesthesia installation at the Flux Super 8 exhibition, August 15 - September 5, 2009 at Scion Installation L.A. Space; 3521 Helms Ave. (at National); Culver City, CA; +1-310-815-8840

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