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10 Aug 2009 Posted by Jonathan Wells in Flux Super 8, Interviews, Art

Saam FarahmandSaam Farahmand’s magnetic personality has made him a much sought after director.

Saam Farahmand directs films in the context of art, music, fashion, television, performance, virals and documentaries. Farahmand’s bill of buzzworthy films include colorful and clever music videos for Klaxons, Hercules & Love Affair, Janet Jackson and Simian Mobile Disco, a documentary featuring Soulwax, and a fashion film for Alexander McQueen. The London-based artist opened his own gallery, Boyschool, in the city’s East end to support the work of emerging artists and develop his own future projects. Visit his portfolio at: www.partizan.com

Who or what inspires you?
My closest friends

For your Soulwax film you shot over 120 gigs around the world, what did you learn from that experience?
That the world is full of incredible people and everyone likes to dance

Farahmand directed the epic Soulwax documentary Part of the Weekend Never Dies.

Recent event that made you laugh?
Yesterday a stranger thought his girlfriend was hitting on me, so when she left for the toilet he showed me a picture on his phone of his dick in her mouth, and said ’shes mine’.

klaxons music videoFarahmand has directed multiple videos for Klaxons including Golden Skans

Are music videos still a fertile playground for experimentation or has something taken their place?
I guess they are still fertile

What music excites you now?
I like a song where you know that it was the only song that the person could possibly make at that moment

Your worst habit?
I don’t have any habits

What (new projects) are you working on now?
I shoot people dancing and then mix them live as DVDs. I think its the most useful thing i have ever done with my life, and i may never be able to do anything else ever again.

GhostAlexander McQueen and Puma commissioned Farahmand to direct Ghost as a showcase for the Autumn/Winter 2009 line. The four-minute film features a couple engaged in a powerful and breathtaking duel

Dream project?
I would love to make a movie biopic of Tom Cruise, and i want him to play himself. We will use Benjamin Button CG and make-up to span his life from teens to old age and death. Together me and Tom would write the remainder of his life story.
Then i would like Charlie Kaufman to make a film about me making the film about Tom Cruise. With Tom Cruise playing me.

Saam Farahmand will unveil his new ongoing project AV Set at the Flux Super 8 exhibition, August 15 - September 5, 2009 at Scion Installation L.A. Space; 3521 Helms Ave. (at National); Culver City, CA; +1-310-815-8840


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