Who is Carlos Florez

16 Sep 2008

I’m originally from Colombia. It all started with drawing and painting, then I fell in love with graphic design, sculpture, photography, video and animation.

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Who is Syd Garon

28 May 2008

I was first introduced to Syd Garon’s work in 1997 when a friend at a San Francisco ad agency slipped me a just completed copy of Somebody Goofed, an animation crafted from a cut up Jack T. Chick gospel comic.

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Who is New Stench

10 Apr 2008

Tokyo, a city saturated with “influencers” and “decision-makers” of all kinds, is a rough place to survive as a “creator”, let alone a gaijin one.

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Who is Amautalab

26 Mar 2008

Amautalab is a multidisciplinary creative studio co-founded by Martin Jalfen and Carlos Battilana in 2005. Amautalab’s tri-office locale in Peru, Argentina and Los Angeles could be the reason for the unique variety of whimsical stop-motion animation the studio is known for,

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Who is Mathew Cullen

23 Mar 2008

I love when things come together unexpectedly especially when you least expect it. Three weeks ago I approached one of my favorite filmmakers, Mathew Cullen of Motion Theory, because I wanted to do this profile.

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Who is Tochka

19 Mar 2008

Osaka-based duo Tochka is pretty much responsible for the worldwide interest in flashlight animation aka Lightning Doodle Project aka the inspiration for the latest Sprint commercials.

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Who is Aaron Rose

14 Mar 2008

Aaron Rose’s bio reads like a creative person’s dream–artist, writer, independent curator, publisher, editor, musician and now accomplished filmmaker. In the 1990s, Aaron founded the highly influential Alleged Gallery in New York…

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Who is Brett Simon

1 Mar 2008

Brett Simon is not just any Los Angeles-based filmmaker. Our history with him goes back 7 years…

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