Who is Jon Hopkins

12 Oct 2010

When you try to imagine 800 sounds in a single, nine-minute song, you might expect a fast-moving train that either crashes in a wreck of noise or sweeps you away glitch by unexpected glitch. But for Jon Hopkins…

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Who is Daniels

24 Sep 2010

When you visit Daniels’ homepage, you’re greeted with clean design and cheerful, yet sarcastic nudges in statements like, “Your internet is broken. Go outside and play.”

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Who is Andreas Nilsson

5 Aug 2010

During the Oslo opening of Andreas Nilsson’s The Church of Pancakes, unwanted guests appeared from the sky and transformed his installation into an explosion of breakfast food that would come to involve the police.

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Who is Mia Doi Todd

3 Feb 2010

Photo by Marla Aufmuth

Name: Mia Doi Todd
Created on: 1975-June-30
Location: Los Angeles, California
Homepage: www.miadoitodd.com, myspace.com/miadoitodd
Domain: Universe

Mia Doi Todd is a singer, songwriter, artist, dancer, creator and on occassion, a master seamstress of rainbow colored garments. Last December at our Flux Screening Series at the Hammer Museum, we premiered her brand new video, […]

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Who is Chris Cairns

15 Sep 2009

Name: Chris Cairns
Created on: 1979-March-05
Record last updated on: 2008-November-20
Homepage: Chris Cairns, Partizan
Domain: Fencing, Base jumping, Cake decoration, lying. I like cameras and computers, music and sleep.
Location: London, England

Born in Brussels, UK-raised Chris Cairns burst on the creative scene in 2005 with a dynamic video for LCD Soundsystem that paid homage […]

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Who is Suzi Yoonessi

30 Jul 2009

Filmmaker Suzi Yoonessi

Name: Suzi Yoonessi
Created on: 1978-February-21
Record last updated on: 2009-July-30
Homepage: www.sanguinefilm.com and www.dearlemonlimamovie.com
Domain: Writing, Directing, Producing for film
Location: New York City and Los Angeles

Suzi Yoonessi is in touch with her inner-child. She still writes with jelly-pens, knows how to make a pretty awesome cootie-catcher and with her very first […]

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Who is Andrezza Valentin

24 Jun 2009

The artist, the day of her first solo show.

Name: Andrezza Valentin
Created on: 1978-January-07
Record last updated on: 2009-June-25
Homepage: andrezza.com
Domain: Art, Design, Photography, Filmmaking
Location: New York City (by way of São Paulo, Brazil)

Andrezza Valentin has been running around frantically the past few days. This past Thursday, the 30-year old São Paulo native […]

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Who is Martin de Thurah

20 Nov 2008

After touring his stunning 2005 Carpark North music video and his subsequent videos around the world with RESFEST, I had an affinity for Martin de Thurah, but we had never met. This week, that changed…

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Who Is Sophie Gateau

20 Oct 2008

A peek into the mind of the very talented Sophie Gateau reveals multi-disciplines and multi-tasking with academic roots in architecture and art history and an impressive work log as a graphic artist on heavyweight projects like Matrix Revolutions and Wong Kar-Wai’s 2046.

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Who Is Guilherme Marcondes

1 Oct 2008

Guilherme Marcondes with a full head of hair

Name: Guilherme Marcondes
Created on: 1977-August-6
Record last updated on: 2008-October-1
Homepage: guilherme.tv
Domain: Filmmaking, Animation, Mixed-media
Location: New York, NY

Brazilian-born filmmaker, Guilherme Marcondes has directed spots for Diesel, MTV International, and Nickelodeon while simultaneously busting out tongue-in-cheek animations and experimental personal projects. Recently, his interpretation of a William […]

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