Music Video Festival 2015

30 Jun 2015

Photos by I Hate Flash! Mahmundi gave an electrifying performance as part of the festival’s pocket shows in the museum’s courtyard

Name: Music Video Festival
Date: June 6-7, 2015
Location: Museum of Image and Sound, São Paulo
Who was there: Emicida, Pitty, Thiago Pethit, Nomi Ruiz, Daniel Askill, Ricardo Spencer, Tim Goossens, Kátia Lund, Stephan Doitschinoff, […]

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Press Play: The return of YouTube music video maestro Kutiman

12 Sep 2014

Kutiman, the acclaimed Israeli musician, composer and video sampling genius, is back with a brand new online music video album. “Give it Up” (above), is the first single from Thru You Too, the long awaited follow up to Thru You which was released five years ago.
Our first exposure to Kutiman’s work was his brilliant […]

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About Last Night… Art in the Streets closing

8 Aug 2011

All photos by Joe FerrucciThe indoor outdoor celebration happened at the doors of the Levi’s Film Workshop at MOCA

Name: Wrap Party
Date: Sunday August 7th, 2011
Location: Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles
Who was there: Jason Reitman, Craig Stecyk, Neck Face, MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch, Robbie Conal, Ty Evans, Alex Stapleton, Estevan Oriol, Aaron Rose, Chaz Bojorquez, […]

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World Premiere of N.A.S.A. The Spirit of Apollo

1 Aug 2011

Since we began the Flux Screening Series at the Hammer Museum in 2008 we’ve been hosting music video premieres for each track of the N.A.S.A. - The Spirit of the Apollo, a collaborative music/art/film project.
Now we are proud to World Premiere the finished film that includes interviews and performances with a wide array of […]

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Who is Jon Hopkins

12 Oct 2010

When you try to imagine 800 sounds in a single, nine-minute song, you might expect a fast-moving train that either crashes in a wreck of noise or sweeps you away glitch by unexpected glitch. But for Jon Hopkins…

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The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights, LA

5 Mar 2010

[ 15 Mar 2010; 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. ]

“A magical, compelling and perfectly musical document.”
- Jim Jarmusch

In the summer of 2007, The White Stripes embarked on a cross-country Canadian tour to accomplish their goal of performing in every province and territory across the expansive northern nation. The Emmett Malloy-directed documentary film, Under Great White Northern Lights, captured that incredible journey. On March 15th […]

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SXSW, Austin

22 Feb 2010

[ 12 Mar 2010 to 21 Mar 2010. ] Photo by Jeff PicardAustin’s 6th Street during SXSW Music 2009

From its start in 1987, SXSW quickly established itself as one of the most important music festivals in the country. Its Film and pioneering Interactive festivals are no longer overshadowed by the Music section.

Flux is excited to be participating in this year’s SXSW Interactive. Jonathan Wells […]

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Chris Cairns’ Holographic Performance

Filmmaker Chris Cairns has created a performance version his awesome film, Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. We screened the original film back in September as part of the Flux Screening Series, when Chris mentioned he was cooking up a live performance version.
To bring his film to life Chris collaborated with holographic house Musion, best known for […]

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Who is Mia Doi Todd

3 Feb 2010

Photo by Marla Aufmuth

Name: Mia Doi Todd
Created on: 1975-June-30
Location: Los Angeles, California
Domain: Universe

Mia Doi Todd is a singer, songwriter, artist, dancer, creator and on occassion, a master seamstress of rainbow colored garments. Last December at our Flux Screening Series at the Hammer Museum, we premiered her brand new video, […]

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Earth Intruding: The Other Worldliness of Björk and the calling of Voltaic

21 Jun 2009

The inimitable Björk All photos by Bernhard Kristinn
If you haven’t been in the alternative music scene within the past 20 years, hearing the accolades of someone simply named “Björk”, may leave you a bit confused. The name evokes images of imaginary shapes, colors, and extraterrestrial life. This may not be too far […]

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