Celebrating 10 Years of Flux

13 Dec 2017

Magnetic Poetry: A Collective Storytelling Exercise from Flux on Vimeo.
This year marked the 10 year anniversary of Flux. Over the years, Flux has championed artists and creators though our media channels, experiential film events, exhibitions and installations, festivals and happenings.
A “few” filmmakers from around the world shared what makes Flux special in this special celebratory […]

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Uruguay, not “just for ugly people” anymore!

18 Jul 2009

Hey, at least they’re not all about God.
I can’t say I’ve ever in my life imagined hearing someone say the words “spring break” and “Uruguay” in the same sentence, yet here we were, screaming “WOO HOO, SPRING BREAK URUGUAY!” from the wobbly ferry deck of our shuttle between Buenos Aires and Montevideo. […]

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Welcome to Buenos Aires: Now Take Your Pants Off!

26 Jun 2009

Our group of “virile young males” after landing in Buenos Aires
I wanted to take a break from being a poor and struggling performer in LA, so I went to Buenos Aires. That makes a lot of sense, right?  Spend more money to challenge your lack there of? I guess it goes beyond that though; my […]

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