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Banksy’s film, Exit Through The Gift Shop

25 Jan 2010

Last night at the Sundance Film Festival, what’s billed as “the world’s first street art disaster movie” premiered to much acclaim. Our spy in Park City said the audience loved the film, which mostly takes place in LA with some scenes in Paris. Geoff Barrow of Portishead scored the movie. The LA Times has […]

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Motion Painting: Combo (Blu X David Ellis)

23 Sep 2009

COMBO is a beautiful new collaborative film from Blu and David Ellis created for the Fame Festival in Grottaglie, Italy.
A year ago Blu’s amazing MUTO stormed the Internet.
It is great to see Blu work in tandem with Ellis, whose pioneering motion paintings with the Barnstormers date back to 2000. The Barnstormers, Letter to the […]

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Who is Chris Cairns

15 Sep 2009

Name: Chris Cairns
Created on: 1979-March-05
Record last updated on: 2008-November-20
Homepage: Chris Cairns, Partizan
Domain: Fencing, Base jumping, Cake decoration, lying. I like cameras and computers, music and sleep.
Location: London, England

Born in Brussels, UK-raised Chris Cairns burst on the creative scene in 2005 with a dynamic video for LCD Soundsystem that paid homage […]

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The Dead Weather “What Happens Next” Video Contest

Pick up where Jonathan Glazer leaves off in his Dead Weather Treat Me Like Your Mother video. Best film (not to exceed 2 minutes) will win Jack White’s wardrobe from the video (a pair of pants and a shirt worn by Jack White. Also a few bullet shells.)
1. Watch the video
2. Jack walks off […]

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Cloud Eye Control: Under Polaris, Los Angeles

26 Aug 2009

[ 14 Oct 2009 to 17 Oct 2009. ]

Cloud Eye Control’s latest work, Under Polaris, tells the story of an epic journey into an Arctic wonderland. A woman embarks upon an incredible mission to preserve the finer elements of humanity in Arctic ice. Along the way, she disguises herself as animals to help her survive the elements-and in the process, learns about the […]

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Flux Super 8: Terri Timely

13 Aug 2009

“Umm Honey what are those men doing on our front lawn?”
Terri Timely is a San Francisco-based duo made up of Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey. They craft extraordinary films, commercials and music videos amplifying images and scenes from every day life. Kibbey and Creasey have developed their immersive portraits of hyper-reality for bands including Modest […]

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Who is Suzi Yoonessi

30 Jul 2009

Filmmaker Suzi Yoonessi

Name: Suzi Yoonessi
Created on: 1978-February-21
Record last updated on: 2009-July-30
Homepage: and
Domain: Writing, Directing, Producing for film
Location: New York City and Los Angeles

Suzi Yoonessi is in touch with her inner-child. She still writes with jelly-pens, knows how to make a pretty awesome cootie-catcher and with her very first […]

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Who is Andrezza Valentin

24 Jun 2009

The artist, the day of her first solo show.

Name: Andrezza Valentin
Created on: 1978-January-07
Record last updated on: 2009-June-25
Domain: Art, Design, Photography, Filmmaking
Location: New York City (by way of São Paulo, Brazil)

Andrezza Valentin has been running around frantically the past few days. This past Thursday, the 30-year old São Paulo native […]

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Earth Intruding: The Other Worldliness of Björk and the calling of Voltaic

21 Jun 2009

The inimitable Björk All photos by Bernhard Kristinn
If you haven’t been in the alternative music scene within the past 20 years, hearing the accolades of someone simply named “Björk”, may leave you a bit confused. The name evokes images of imaginary shapes, colors, and extraterrestrial life. This may not be too far […]

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Introducing…The Cooper Video Wall

15 Jun 2009

The brand new Cooper Video Wall: Visual Treats comprised of short films, music videos, experimental works and photography
Barely seventy-two jet-lagged hours after planting my feet firmly in the rich California soil, I am off to my first official Flux event–the momentous unveiling of the Cooper Video Wall. Tired, but driven by the promise of exciting […]

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