About last night… September Flux Screening

16 Sep 2010

On Wednesday night, as hundreds of guests filed out of the Billy Wilder Theater for the Flux Screening Series after party, one line was on everyone’s lips…

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Who is Andreas Nilsson

5 Aug 2010

During the Oslo opening of Andreas Nilsson’s The Church of Pancakes, unwanted guests appeared from the sky and transformed his installation into an explosion of breakfast food that would come to involve the police.

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Pimps and Prostitutes, the Terminal Bar revisited

21 Jun 2010

Stefan Nadelman left us hanging back in 2002. His 23 minute short film Terminal Bar (3 min excerpt) which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and picked up awards at many other international festivals ended with a “To Be Continued.”
I had the distinct pleasure of programming the world premiere of Terminal Bar at RESFEST, […]

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I’m Here is Here

21 Mar 2010

I had the pleasure of catching Spike Jonze’s new short film I’m Here on the big screen at last week’s SXSW Film Festival. Now finally it is online for all to see.
This beautiful story of robot love also has an amazing soundtrack, I challenge you not to fall in love with Aska’s There Are […]

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Surprised SXSW at our How to Create a Viral Video panel

19 Mar 2010

Saturday at the conclusion of our SXSW panel, How to Create a Viral Video (which featured Damian Kulash, frontman of OK Go, Margaret Gould Stewart of YouTube and Jason Wishnow, director of film and video at TED) we concocted an interactive demonstration. Damian jumped up on the panel table, Jason grabbed a video camera and […]

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The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights, LA

5 Mar 2010

[ 15 Mar 2010; 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. ]

“A magical, compelling and perfectly musical document.”
- Jim Jarmusch

In the summer of 2007, The White Stripes embarked on a cross-country Canadian tour to accomplish their goal of performing in every province and territory across the expansive northern nation. The Emmett Malloy-directed documentary film, Under Great White Northern Lights, captured that incredible journey. On March 15th […]

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Chris Cairns’ Holographic Performance

22 Feb 2010

Filmmaker Chris Cairns has created a performance version his awesome film, Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. We screened the original film back in September as part of the Flux Screening Series, when Chris mentioned he was cooking up a live performance version.
To bring his film to life Chris collaborated with holographic house Musion, best known for […]

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Banksy’s film, Exit Through The Gift Shop

25 Jan 2010

Last night at the Sundance Film Festival, what’s billed as “the world’s first street art disaster movie” premiered to much acclaim. Our spy in Park City said the audience loved the film, which mostly takes place in LA with some scenes in Paris. Geoff Barrow of Portishead scored the movie. The LA Times has […]

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Motion Painting: Combo (Blu X David Ellis)

23 Sep 2009

COMBO is a beautiful new collaborative film from Blu and David Ellis created for the Fame Festival in Grottaglie, Italy.
A year ago Blu’s amazing MUTO stormed the Internet.
It is great to see Blu work in tandem with Ellis, whose pioneering motion paintings with the Barnstormers date back to 2000. The Barnstormers, Letter to the […]

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Who is Chris Cairns

15 Sep 2009

Name: Chris Cairns
Created on: 1979-March-05
Record last updated on: 2008-November-20
Homepage: Chris Cairns, Partizan
Domain: Fencing, Base jumping, Cake decoration, lying. I like cameras and computers, music and sleep.
Location: London, England

Born in Brussels, UK-raised Chris Cairns burst on the creative scene in 2005 with a dynamic video for LCD Soundsystem that paid homage […]

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