Gareth Edwards and the War on Monsters

26 Oct 2010

Because director Gareth Edwards is a BAFTA award-winning visual effects artist, it’s easy to assume that his feature film debut, Monsters, would be a garishly overdone, false-looking CG nightmare. But instead…

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Who is Jon Hopkins

12 Oct 2010

When you try to imagine 800 sounds in a single, nine-minute song, you might expect a fast-moving train that either crashes in a wreck of noise or sweeps you away glitch by unexpected glitch. But for Jon Hopkins…

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It’s OK to Cry: Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go

28 Sep 2010

Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go haunted Mark Romanek so powerfully that he couldn’t shake it for weeks. Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine), who was a friend of Ishiguro, read the galley, and then quickly wrote the screenplay. The director muses, “When I had the same emotional reaction to the script as I had to the book, I knew that it was a very successful adaptation, and felt more confident that it was possible to make a film out of such an unusual and delicate book.”

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Who is Daniels

24 Sep 2010

When you visit Daniels’ homepage, you’re greeted with clean design and cheerful, yet sarcastic nudges in statements like, “Your internet is broken. Go outside and play.”

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About last night… September Flux Screening

16 Sep 2010

On Wednesday night, as hundreds of guests filed out of the Billy Wilder Theater for the Flux Screening Series after party, one line was on everyone’s lips…

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Anatomy of a Music Video: Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown

14 Sep 2010

Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown, one the most remarkable music videos of the year, is unlike any music video we’ve seen before.

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The Church of Pancakes

13 Aug 2010

While waiting for the valet to retrieve my car from the posh Soho House I noticed a man who was a bit older and more dressed down than the crowd of 30- and 40-somethings who were just arriving for a late night high above the town.

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Who is Andreas Nilsson

5 Aug 2010

During the Oslo opening of Andreas Nilsson’s The Church of Pancakes, unwanted guests appeared from the sky and transformed his installation into an explosion of breakfast food that would come to involve the police.

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