Who is Suzi Yoonessi

30 Jul 2009

Filmmaker Suzi Yoonessi

Name: Suzi Yoonessi
Created on: 1978-February-21
Record last updated on: 2009-July-30
Homepage: www.sanguinefilm.com and www.dearlemonlimamovie.com
Domain: Writing, Directing, Producing for film
Location: New York City and Los Angeles

Suzi Yoonessi is in touch with her inner-child. She still writes with jelly-pens, knows how to make a pretty awesome cootie-catcher and with her very first […]

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Forget the Film, Watch the Titles

31 May 2009

Title Designers Garson Yu, Kyle Cooper, Jamie Caliri, Karin Fong and Danny Yount getting their favorite superhero poses on
Macro shots, concrete poetry, good music, an interesting life story and innovation. These are some of the essential ingredients to a good opening title sequence for a film. At last Wednesday’s Flux Screening at the Hammer Museum, […]

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It happened one night…a silent rave

12 Nov 2008

Everyone has heard of raves, but a silent rave?
On urbandictionary.com, a silent rave is defined as: “Rave” or form of wild dancing party where all of the members listen to music through headphones on separate portable music players. The players are all synchronized so everyone is hearing the same thing, but no outsiders hear […]

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Robert Adanto on China’s Renaissance and The Rising Tide

17 Jun 2008

I entered the inconspicuous Morono Kiang Gallery, inside the 1920’s style Bradbury Building which made me question why anyone has ever said, L.A. has no architecture. As I made my way in, I encountered the work of contemporary Chinese artists Xu Ruotao, Li Jin, Lui Qinghe, Chen Wei, and Chen Chiehjen.

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