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Behind the Mask

29 Oct 2013 Posted by Jonathan Wells in TV, Events

Behind the Mask - World PremierePhoto by Marla Aufmuth Minor league hockey mascot Tux the Penguin, Lebanon High School’s Rooty the Cedar Tree, filmmaker Josh Greenbaum, pro NBA mascot Bango of the Milwaukee Bucks and UNLV’s college mascot Hey Reb.

Leading up to Halloween Flux was proud to host the masters of disguise, the sports world’s most unsung heroes, with the world premiere of Josh Greenbaum’s new Hulu Original Series, “Behind the Mask.” The series takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes adventure into the colorful and never- before-seen world of sports mascots.

Greenbaum was on hand as well as the show’s stars (masked and unmasked) who flew in from around the country for the premiere.

“Behind the Mask” debuted to acclaim on Hulu and Hulu Plus today, October 29. The Los Angeles Times said the show is “a triumph of mascot storytelling.” Check out the trailer below and see photos of the premiere at the Vista: